Identifying an ideal school management system in India is considered to be a prudent task and takes up a lot of time and effort on the part of the educational institutions. There are many schools that take months in order to choose ideal software for their needs and rightfully so. The importance of school ERP software cannot be overstated and finding a tailor-made solution adds to the overall success of the school.
Once you choose a partner that offers the best technology solutions, you think that the job is done. However, the contrary is true. The biggest part of any software deal is the implementation. There are many aspects that need to be addressed in this phase and a similar number of things can go wrong if enough care is not taken.
Here are 10 tips for an ideal education ERP implementation:
  • Setting viable goals
    Before the implementation process actually starts, you will need to set viable goals. Things such as what the school management software aims to enhance with regards to the existing system and how it can be implemented in the stipulated time period are some of the goals that need to be defined. These need to be in place so that there are no delays and every requirement with regards to the implementation is ready on the preset date/day.
  • Adequate resources
    Such an implementation cannot be successful in the absence of adequate resources. The staff/end users who are the main players in the implementation need to be coached about using the updated system and why it is beneficial for them. This will create a zeal amongst the users and the process can be done without any friction. In addition to these people, there are some important management heads who can make the most of this ERP implementation as a part of their school business growth.
    The entity providing the school ERP software services also needs to have defined guidelines for its successful implementation.
  • Infrastructure readiness
    Whether it is the infrastructure or space requirements, the infrastructure needs to be ready in order to make the implementation easier. The school needs to have the requisite hardware, amongst other things, to make it smooth sailing.
  • Data collection
    One of the major things that make an education ERP implementation easier is the availability of data. Schools have a lot of data pertaining to the students, staff, events and other strategic decisions. All of these need to be collected beforehand so that it can be uploaded online without any delays.
  • Relevant training
    As mentioned earlier, there is a general lack of enthusiasm when it comes to changes in technology such as the school management system in India. This can be avoided by providing adequate and relevant training to the people who are meant to use such a solution.
  • Customization of the school ERP software
    Most of the ERP software is generalized for schools. However, the requirements of each school management can be different when it comes to such a tool. Therefore, make sure that there is a customization option so that your unique needs are addressed at all times.
  • Keeping the end-users informed
    Whenever a decision is being considered to upgrade the existing school data management software, it is ideal that there is transparency between the higher management and the end-users. These include the teachers, administrators, parents and students.
  • A defined implementation strategy
    A time-bound implementation strategy is a key element. This has to be unambiguous and defined in such a way that it is achievable. Goals such as financial benefits, growth prospects and project successes should be considered when such a strategy is designed.
  • Budgeting
    This is another important aspect of the business plan that needs to be addressed in the beginning. Make sure that the plan that you choose is budget-friendly has a tight upper limit so that the chances of going overboard can be prevented.
  • Foolproof maintenance plan
    Before the school management software is implemented, there has to be a maintenance plan in place. A team that is monitoring the performance of the system and which is equipped to troubleshoot any glitches is the ideal scenario. When choosing a software solutions provider, ensure that the entity is reputable and is able to provide you with the support that is needed. There has to be a reliable support system which corroborates that the daily operations are not hampered on any given day.