Learning is happening digitally since the last academic year owing to the global pandemic and most of the schools are still working from home. The implementation of a school management system is making it possible for students/teachers to keep up with the syllabus. A cost-effective and comprehensive solution, such integration is being relied on by schools of all sizes and models. It has several features combined into the software and one such module helps in the whole student enrollment process.
A major part of the school management system is admission management. Since it is that time of year when schools gear up for new student admissions, inviting enrollments online is pertinent. The success of an educational institution depends on how well they are able to manage this pre-admission phase since it determines the number of students that will eventually join. Boosting the student enrollments using the best online strategies can work well in such circumstances.
How to boost student enrollment using pre-admission digital solutions
  • Online admission software
    As mentioned above, a partnership with a viable school management system is the best solution. With this comes online admission software, which makes the whole admission process easier. Parents/students can fill the forms that are available online and submit them with just a few clicks. There is no need for visiting the said school and getting the printed form. It is a solution that saves time and is environmentally friendly since it is paperless. The process is easier for the admin staff as well to vet the admission forms and take them further.
  • Better inquiry management
    As soon as parents know about a particular school, they will have a lot of inquiries. Since a large part of the future of their children’s education depends on the school in which they study, educational institutions should recognise this and create a system that helps in communicating better.
    Lead management is made better with a centralized inquiry system. Questions can be categorized accordingly and sent to the admissions team for further actions. Answering any inquiries in a timely and relevant manner is the key. Since all this happens online, there is no room for tardiness.
  • Have a follow-up system
    As with any other marketing strategy, student admissions should also have a follow-up system. Just taking care of the inquiries is not enough. Schools will have to call, text or email them to engage them further and even send details that would help parents/students take a decision. You can encourage them to chat with the teachers and trainers so that they are aware of your strengths. A virtual tour of the school has also been proven to be prudent.
  • Involve parents/family in the process
    Choosing a school is a family affair. Make sure that you involve the whole family of the prospective student in the process. Taking feedback from the existing families, you can create a better system to communicate with those who are showing interest. Incorporate any changes based on the feedback and ensure that you create an ideal pre-admission environment.
  • Use testimonials
    Request testimonials from existing parents/students and post them on your online admission software. These have to be real so that those who are interested to enroll will know the words are genuine. This is a good strategy to let families know that there are parents who are happy with your educational institution as a whole.
  • Market on social media platforms
    Even children are aware and are using varied social media platforms to get connected with their peers and exchange ideas. Creating a brand for your school in such portals can increase visibility and enhance a positive perception. It will also give rise to groups for parents with similar interests/needs and help in the decision-making process.
  • Online fee collection
    Once the whole pre-admission process is completed and a decision is made, parents have to pay the fees for the enrollment. Having an online module to facilitate the same is the way forward. It is secure, convenient and error-free. Since the whole thing is automated, the exact amount is calculated by the system and the same is communicated to the respective parents.
Education technology is an amalgamation of a number of digitized tools to make school management easier. Of this, admission management is meant to create a simple process of enrollment that saves time and effort for the parents as well as the educational institution. Choose a solution that can be customized for your requirements and make the most of the pre-admission phase.