Among the many modules that a school management system presents, one process that stands out is the admissions. Every academic year, a moderate-sized educational institution receives thousands of applications and vetting these is a humongous task. Going through the sea of information, checking the criteria and communicating relevant information to the parents is a time-taking task. To make it convenient, student admissions software plays a vital role.
This system ensures that the administrators do not have to spend too much time in inviting, receiving and shortlisting the students. There are many benefits of an online module that schools can make the most of and we shall discuss them in the following lines.
How does online student admissions software create a conducive system?
  • Automated system
    The traditional method of admissions involves parents standing in a line for collecting the application forms. These then need to be filled and submitted before the due date. The real work for the school starts from here. The forms need to be checked thoroughly by the admin staff. The information then needs to be streamlined in the form of files and based on the findings, the application is either processed further or rejected. On average, the total time taken to complete a single application form is close to 1 hour.
    Let us now talk about the alternative. The automated school admission management is much simpler. Everything happens online and the administrators can search for specific information with just a few clicks. All the data is stored online and hence, there is no need for record-keeping.
  • Easy application
    As soon as the admission process starts in the school based on its predetermined schedule, parents can fill the online forms immediately. There is no need to visit the premises physically and this saves a lot of time and effort. It is a cost-effective method and user-friendly school ERP software can make it much better.
  • Error-free school admission process
    Whenever a process takes place manually, there are chances of human errors. With the online student admissions software, the same can be prevented. In an online solution, errors are pointed out on a real-time basis. Whether it is at the time of filling the application or vetting it, any mistakes are highlighted and can be addressed immediately.
    Similar is the case with admin staff. Accuracy can be maintained at all times. Students who are to be given admissions will not be turned away and vice versa. Since the information is stored online, it cannot be tampered with. If there are any changes that need to be made, they can be done by people with relevant credentials.
  • Paperless student admissions software
    As mentioned earlier, the school management system is a paperless solution. Everything happens online. This saves a lot of money and space. In the traditional school admission process, there are numerous papers that need to be printed, copied, sent across and stored in order for the admissions process to be completed. In addition to the cost incurred for papers, schools need to have a large amount of space for their storage. This can be done away with by implementing school ERP software.
  • Data management made simpler
    Schools store a large amount of data. Whether it is for old students, current ones or the new admissions, there is a lot of information for each of them. Let us discuss the admission details in specific. The data that is collected from prospective students can be stored online. The same can be retrieved with just a few clicks, whenever there is a need.
  • Online payment option
    After a student has been registered for admission, the next step is fee collection. Based on the information provided and stored, the fee structure is calculated. Since this may be different for students in the same class owing to their choices in subjects, extracurricular activities, sports, etc, having the school admission management system calculate it for you is ideal. This will be a foolproof method and the same can be communicated to the respective parents via digital tools.
  • Communication made easier
    In the traditional method, a letter needs to be sent to the parent that contains the outcome or a phone call is made. With the help of student admissions Software, the information can be sent automatically in the form of emails, SMSs or other messaging services. This saves a lot of time and parents are also aware of the results on a real-time basis.
  • To sum the importance of this aspect of school management software up...
    A streamlined admissions process ensures that the available resources are utilized to the fullest and there is no extra effort to be put in by the admin staff during the said period. It is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for schools that aim to make the process more efficient for the parents as well as themselves.