The one thing that helps in managing the classroom schedules of schools is timetables. Teachers can check their hourly classes and students can prepare accordingly based on the line-up. Each school has close to 12 classes and these are again divided into individual sections. So, that requires a large number of timetables on a daily basis. The same can be managed in an error-free and non-conflicting method with the help of a school management system.
Among the others, the time table management system feature ensures that a co-ordinated and efficient solution is created that requires no/minimal manual intervention. Here are a few advantages of such a feature that you can make the most of:
Benefits of the timetable management system
  • Ensures smooth running of classrooms on any given day.
  • An error-free solution where the classes are scheduled in a systematic manner.
  • All the subjects are given their due importance based on the syllabus for the year.
  • It is secure since only those with relevant credentials can access the module. Only a few people can make changes.
  • Reduces manual intervention by a great margin. Once the required information is fed into the system, timetables are automatically generated.
  • It is a customizable solution. In case of any changes, the same can be made without any confusions and delays.
Let us now learn about the varied timetable types and their importance:
Types of timetables that can be perfected with the help of school ERP software
  • The consolidated timetable
    Also called the master timetable, this one is an all-inclusive one. The complete schedule of all the teachers for their respective classes. The aim of this one is to help the head/principal to keep track of the teachers’ schedule and ensure that any changes, if needed, can be made immediately. This has all the information in a single sheet and thus, saves time and effort for anyone who is managing it.
  • Class-wise timetable
    The most common of all, this is a class-wise schedule that helps students and teachers to plan their day accordingly. In addition to the regular subjects, there are slots for sports, free-periods, extracurricular activities, etc.
  • Teacher-wise timetable
    As the name suggests, this is exclusive to the teachers. They can check their classes on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and plan their lessons accordingly.
  • Games timetable
    As important subjects are for students, games and sports are equally significant. This timetable highlights the schedule for all such activities so that students are ready with the specific uniforms and equipment. As far as the school is concerned, a systematic schedule ensures that the playground is utilized well and there are no conflicts of any kind.
  • Co-curricular activities timetable
    Such a timetable ensures that the respective teachers and the class students are prepared for co-curricular activities in the scheduled hour.
  • Homework timetable
    Though not a common one, this schedule is to help students keep a track of their homework on a regular basis and ensure that it is completed on time. Teachers may maintain it based on the subject that they teach and this timetable makes sure that students are not overburdened with excessive homework on any given day.
How does school time table software make it easier and more efficient?
As mentioned earlier, one of the key features of a school management system is school time table software. The main function of any school is imparting education to the students and with the help of an efficient timetable system, it can be ensured that all the subjects are given their due importance. Students/teachers are sent these timetables beforehand so that they are prepared. At the time when schools were functioning normally, this meant carrying all the relevant books, equipment (games/sports) or any other items that help the students in their schedule.
In the current situation when schools are also working from home, school time table software is even more important since teachers and students have limited time to complete the year’s curriculum and also ensure that the learning process is effective. Having a systematic timetable schedule maker is one lesser task for all those involved in the smooth functioning of an educational institution. It saves time and effort and is a secure means to take care of the most important task of any school.