Every industry and/or establishment is reliant on technology in the current times and the education system is no different. For the smooth functioning of a school, there is a need for school ERP software that is comprehensive and reliable. Such a system gives rise to seamless operations and ensures that the needs of students, teachers, parents and administrators are met at all times.
Instead of a website, a majority of the people prefer apps. Since everyone has a smartphone in today’s times, it becomes easier to stay connected and get up-to-date information about anything. Parents can just access the app and check their children’s progress with just a few clicks.
An online school management portal is an ideal way to manage the multiple aspects of running a school. There are many educational institutions that have taken up such solutions and have found them to be ideal for their model of establishment. The top two reasons for this decision have been mentioned as time saving and cost-effectiveness. In the following lines, let us take a look at how an app can address these two parameters efficiently:
There are many operations which a school undertakes such as the admission of students and staff, tests, grading, transportation, etc. A school management system that offers an easy to use interface can make all these easier. Let us discuss a few of them to understand better.
  • Admissions- Take the example of admissions. If the system of paper applications is being followed, there will be thousands of these that need to be screened and their progress recorded. On the contrary, if students/parents have to fill in an online application, it saves a lot of time for both the parties.
    An online application does not require the parent/s to come to the premises and submit it. The process can be completed online. Similarly, the admin staff do not have to go through numerous paper applications. They can do so using the online portal, which saves time. Another advantage is that the progress of the admissions process can be managed well and the same can be communicated to the parents on a real-time basis.
  • Tests and Grading - Tests determine the progress that a student has made in the syllabus and these happen in schools at regular intervals. To keep a track of them manually and schedule them correctly needs the admin staff and teacher to work hard. However, with the help of student data management, they are able to do all of this with minimum effort.
    Students are made aware of the tests beforehand and teachers are given enough time to create the tests and thereafter, grade them using the school management system. These can be shared on a real-time basis with parents as well so that they are made aware of their children's progress. It is convenient for everyone.
  • Communication - If there is anything important that needs to be shared with students/parents, the same can be done through the app. With the help of emails, messages, etc, these can be shared without any hassles and delays. Another thing is that parents can check the progress of their children on a real-time basis. They do not have to wait for the parent-teacher meeting.
Any school ERP software is one of the most cost-effective implementations that the institution chooses. Here are a few reasons to support this statement:
  • Paperless system - Since everything happens in an online school management portal, there is zero or minimal reliability on paper. In addition to being cost-effective, it is environmentally-friendly. Whether it is tests, grades, management reports or even staff data, anything can now be stored in a cloud-based school ERP software.
  • Admissions - Student and staff admissions can be managed with the help of online forms, brochures and receipts. This is an extension to the first point since the solution of a paperless admission is ideal. There are many customized school management systems that can be opted for so as to maximize its efficiency.
  • Facilities - There are certain factors in a school that need regular maintenance. For example, take the buses that are used for transportation. Having a system in place that lets you know the schedule of their maintenance can help major repairs and save money in the long run.

The old adage, ‘Time is money’, holds good even in the current times. A school attendance app or a comprehensive school management system is being considered by schools of all sizes and this is a step in the right direction. It saves a lot of time, effort and money and ensures that the school operates smoothly on any given day.