Early this year, when the worldwide pandemic Covid 19 started creating havoc in our lives, almost every industry and sector in the world came to a standstill. This is the time when technology brought everything together and made us connect with each other virtually to continue our day-to-day activities without any major disruption. One sector which benefited from this is educational institutions. Digital Learning has taken over conventional classroom learning and continues to help impart education to children of all ages.
With the help of school ERP software, schools have been able to continue the learning process. From online classes to collecting fees and conducting examinations to test the students’ progress, there are many activities that have been streamlined with the help of education technology. One of the main activities of any school is to conduct periodic examinations/assessments for the students. In addition to checking the learning progress of each individual student, it also allows the teachers and parents to take necessary steps to ensure that the child’s progress is systematic.
Let us now see how the online examination system feature has been able to minimize the disruption in the learning process as a whole:
The benefits of exam management systems in learning
  • Error-free system
    Only the teacher has access for uploading the questions on the online examination system and therefore, it is a secure process. There is no chance of any mistakes owing to this reason. Once the examination is completed and submitted by the students, the system automatically grades it and shares the marks with everyone concerned. Since human intervention is decreased with an effective school management system, examinations happen in an error-free manner.
  • Increased accessibility
    The global pandemic has confined us to our homes for several months. In such a situation, exam management systems have made it accessible for schools to keep a tab on the students’ progress on a regular basis. Wherever they are, students can access the online examination and ensure that they continue to learn and take tests without actually visiting the premises. With just the help of internet connectivity, they are able to remove any disruptions.
  • Easy to use
    As mentioned earlier, the whole process is easy for everyone involved. With a working knowledge of the internet and online portals, anyone can take the tests without assistance. Since children are exposed to technology from a young age, such online activities are comprehensible to them as well. They can use portable devices such as mobile phones or laptops for this purpose.
  • Hassle-free grading and reports
    Since all the answers are available in the online examination system, teachers can grade them without any delays and in a hassle-free manner. Some of these examinations are programmed such that the answers are graded automatically and the grades are shared with the parents/students as soon as this is done. So, there are no delays. If there is a need for any reports to be shared with the management with regards to the examinations and the grades, they can be accessed with just a few clicks.
The importance of exam management systems going forward
Many schools have realized that the varied features of school ERP software, especially examination management systems, has helped them continue their endeavor to upkeep the continual learning process in difficult times. Since the current lockdown mode is being speculated to be a part of our lives in the future as well, such a system is the best answer to avoid any disruptions. Students should be able to learn on a day-to-day basis and this should be made effective with the help of online examinations.
For parents as well, such a system ensures that they are kept updated with the progress of their children. Students have unlimited access to study material online and their parents can help them in keeping up with the syllabus and ensuring that they are able to learn effectively and without any hassles.