Managing the attendance of students can be an overwhelming task. It is significant that this aspect of a school is maintained well for the overall success of the institution and hence, a lot of work goes into it. It is a known fact that poor attendance can affect a student’s performance in a major way. Not attending classes on a regular basis can set them back and create a void in their education that can be quite daunting to fill. In order to avoid this, many schools have implemented the automated attendance system.
In addition to the students, the attendance of the myriad staff that work in a school also needs to be monitored closely. Gone are the days when time-sheets were used to control mandatory attendance. In its place, time attendance software is being used as an effective solution.
Let us now understand the benefits of online attendance management system in India:
  • Convenience
    There are many children in each section of a certain class and it can take up a lot of time if the attendance is maintained manually. The hassle of starting a class with a manual register can be avoided with an online system. Most of the schools are adopting the RFID attendance management system. Once the student is inside the campus, the parents/guardians are also notified of their attendance and this is also done by the automated system.
  • Time-saving.
    Spending almost 10 minutes in attendance at the beginning of the class can be tiring. It also takes away that much time from the whole hour which could otherwise be utilized for imparting education. Therefore, an automated attendance system saves everyone’s time and is put to better use.
  • More secure
    Manual entries can be changed/modified on a later date by anyone. However, with the automated system, the data is stored in the ERP and cannot be tampered with. Parents are aware of their children’s whereabouts on any given day and at any point in time. All they have to do is to log-in to the biometric attendance management system using their credentials and keep a tab on their safety. Therefore, it is a more secure solution for schools.
  • Cost-effective
    This is a paperless system and hence, schools can save a lot of money as there is no need for attendance registers. Another important aspect is that it improves productivity as there is no manual effort necessary and teachers get more time to spend on teaching their respective students.
  • Minimal or no margin of error - duplicate entries
    With attendance tracking software, there is no margin of error. Everything happens online and all the data is saved on the cloud. Therefore, you can be certain that it is accurate and can base the relevant reports on this information.
  • Data analysis
    The attendance records of each student are available in a few clicks. This gives the administrators a chance to use analytics to streamline the data and take necessary steps. For example, if a student has been tardy on a regular basis or hasn’t been attending classes as often as required, disciplinary action can be taken post consultation with the parents.

With many schools relying on an automated attendance system as part of their school management ERP, it has become much easier and better to maintain and control the attendance of students and their staff. This gives rise to increased ROI and a safer environment for students on any given day.