It is important for any student to make the most of the resources available and perform well in their curricular activities. The onus lies on them in this regard and educational institutions do their bit to support them in every possible way. It is also the responsibility of the parents to stay updated on their children’s progress and encourage them in their endeavors. For this to happen, there is a need for schools to keep up with the parents’ attention and design ways that help them in staying connected with all that is happening in their children’s learning process.
One effective way is to adopt education trends like school management software. With such a tool, they are able to keep the parents engaged in their children’s curricular activities and help them become a part of their success stories.
Here are a few reasons how school ERP can make this happen:
  • Data report - Generating student-wise reports that showcase their performance in every aspect of the classroom is one of the ways to keep parents’ in the loop. Things such as test results, attendance, class group reports, etc. are a few of them. Since there are a number of subjects/courses that are not common for every student, a customized report is the need of the hour and an ideal school ERP makes this possible. Looking at these data reports, parents can check their children’s individual as well as collective performance and take the necessary steps for improvement, if need be.
  • Video conferencing in school management - An integral part of an effective school management system is video conferencing. Let us take the current scenario. Schools are shut down owing to the coronavirus pandemic. There is no set date when they will be reopened for the next curriculum year. However, with the help of video conferencing in school management, teachers are able to conduct online classes and continue the learning process.
    With this, even parents can take part in the lessons and ensure that their children’ curriculum is being completed in the best possible way. A number of schools are encouraging parents to attend such conferences so that they are also able to engage in their children’s education.
  • Productivity Suites - A productivity suite is a single application or portal that comprises a number of programs such as a word processor, spreadsheet maker or and even a program to create presentations. All of these are accessible by launching a single app. This saves time as students do not have to run different programs each time they need something specific.
    As far as the parents are concerned, they can check their children’s work in a single go and make any corrections in less time. This enables them to take part in their children’s learning process without their work getting affected; and encourages them to do it more often.
  • Digital tools and technology - There are many digital tools that can be used by students to share their ideas with their peers. For example, a Google doc can be effective for editing as well, in addition to creating content. Virtual whiteboards and file sharing tools are best utilized when teaching a complete class of students.
    As mentioned above, online classes with the help of video conferencing are yet another example of digital learning that is quite effective. Since most of the parents are accustomed to using these, they can teach their children to make the most of technology in their educational pursuits.

All these are ideally included in a school ERP that has been created to help educational institutions in their day-to-day activities. They are capable of enhancing parent’s engagement in the learning process of their respective children and create a happy and complete experience for the students.