Managing an educational institution involves perfecting a number of key activities on a daily basis. Long before technology made everything easier and better, schools carried out all these functions using human resources. Papers, records, reports, etc, were all in the form of physical entities which needed huge storage spaces.
With time, school management systems made everything seamless and integrated. These online solutions helped schools in doing everything using software, thus reducing human intervention. It is a cost-effective and time-saving system that has been implemented by small, medium, and large schools all over the world. In the current circumstances where schools are working from home for the past year, school ERP software has been instrumental in keeping up a continual learning process for students of all grades. Apart from this, there are many other functionalities in the system that makes school management hassle-free. Let us discuss the same in the following lines:
  • Virtual Classes
    Online learning has taken over the conventional style of classroom teaching. Though it was a fairly new concept in India, this has become the foundation of education in the current times. An online classroom feature is easy to use and comes with a number of advantages to keep children engaged and motivated to learn. Many students use the virtual classroom app as well since portable devices are more accessible and available than a spare laptop/desktop.
  • Student and Staff admissions
    Admission is yet another major activity that requires a lot of time and effort. However, with the implementation of a school management system, the same can be done seamlessly. Parents of children and prospective staff can update their information online, and complete the whole process in a transparent and faster manner. The whole admissions method can be effectively automated and managed better.
  • Syllabus management
    Tracking the syllabus of every grade can be a cumbersome task. School management software automates the whole process and with just a few clicks, teachers and the admin staff can schedule their classes so that they can complete the syllabus on time.
  • Homework and assignments
    These two are major activities that happen regularly. Since there are hundreds of students in each school, taking the help of school ERP software in defining, distributing, and checking the homework makes it smooth sailing. Also, with the current online learning environment, assignments can be managed efficiently with such a system.
  • Facility and transport management
    Make sure that the entire school premises are well maintained on any given day with the help of an online module. Creating specific tasks, overseeing them, and ensuring all the standards are met can be made easier with school management software. Furthermore, in order to ensure the safety of children, having a foolproof transport system is necessary. A live tracking system helps parents keep a track of where their children are at all times.
  • Grading and report cards
    Manual grading and report cards take a lot of time. Sometimes, it may also lead to errors. With an online grading and report card generation system, the workload on the teachers is reduced. There are no chances of any mistakes as well.
  • Fee management
    As soon as it is time to collect fees from parents, an automated system calculates it for each student and sends the details to the respective parents. The latter can then make the payment online and get a receipt instantly.
  • Parent’s web portal and school apps
    Communication between the parents and the school has to be effective. Having an exclusive portal for the purpose is the ideal solution. In fact, most school management systems also have iOS and Android school apps that can be downloaded and used easily.
  • Timetable management
    On average, there are 12 major grades and a few other primary ones in the life of a student. Let us say that each grade has an average of 100 students which are divided into multiple sections/classrooms. Creating timetables for all of these without any clashes is quite the task. With the timetable management portal, the same can be accomplished within a few minutes.
  • Admin dashboard
    The admin staff also have a series of activities that they conduct on a daily basis. An exclusive dashboard for their use can help them carry out all these in the best manner possible. School data management is one such function that can be done well with school ERP software. Any amount of data can be stored in a secure online manner and the same can be accessed with just a few clicks.
  • Management reports
    Making strategic decisions helps the success of a school. These have to be taken on time and the same is possible with the help of relevant reports. The higher management can easily generate and access the data on these reports without any delay with the school management software.
Optimal usage of educational resources creates a successful institution. With the help of school ERP software, this can be achieved in an easy manner.