A win-win partnership between parents and schools is the most important factor in the academic success of the respective students. Though schools are majorly meant to impart learning/knowledge, their effort can be enhanced further with the involvement of parents. In the current circumstances when educational institutions have been closed for months, and there is no definite date on which they will reopen owing to the coronavirus pandemic; this parent and school partnership needs to be redefined. This will ensure a continual and effectual learning process.
Addressing parent engagement in their children’s education has become a must in the online classroom sessions. Whether it is helping them in getting acquainted with the school management system that is facilitating the online lessons or offering a conducive learning environment at home, there are many things to consider in order to get the best outcome. In the following lines, let us take a look at the most practical steps to develop the ideal parent-school relationship:
Tips for building the most efficient parent-school partnership:
  • Effective communication channel - The foundation for any successful partnership is effective communication and this holds good even for schools and parents. Whether it is online class schedules, test schedules, grades or homework, make sure that the parents are aware of them without any delays.
    Further updates related to fees and any changes that affect the overall student experience need to be shared without fail. Make sure that they are aware of all the education trends that are being used to make the learning more effective. Many schools conduct ‘Parent Surveys’ so that they can get subjective feedback and implement changes, if/when needed.
  • Make teachers accessible - At the time when schools were functioning as normal, students were able to access the guidance of teachers at any given instance. However, with the current online classes phenomenon, the onus lies on the teachers to make themselves available to their students when the latter have any questions/doubts. Similarly, they need to be accessible to parents as well. Since learning has now become home-bound, it is necessary that parents use the right techniques for the best process and teachers can help them in the same.
  • Customized module - Create detailed students’ data reports and share them using the school management system in place. It is a fact that not all students are alike. Some grasp things faster than others and a customized report will help parents keep track of their children’s progress.
  • Enhance parent involvement in every aspect relevant to the child - As stated earlier, make sure that all the activities related to the children are shared with their respective parents. It is important that children follow a similar schedule that they had in their schools. Therefore, homework, assignments, quizzes and grades are a major part of online classes as well. All of these are to be shared with parents so that they can help in getting the students ready for any tests and make sure that they have completed their homework on time, every time!
  • Make use of technology - Make the most of the available digital tools and technology. Video and audio conferencing with parents are the best ways to keep them involved. Using apps in addition to the web formats is yet another way of keeping them updated on a real-time basis. Mobile phones are more accessible and hence, better sources of information.

Staying in touch with the parents and making them aware of their children’s progress is the key to building a strong parent and school partnership. Make sure that you use the right means in the form of a user-friendly school management system for the purpose and reap the best results in these difficult times.