Implementing a school management system is perhaps the most significant change that any educational institution can pursue. There are many advantages of such a solution that offers multiple modules in a single portal. All of these make managing a school much easier and cost-effective. Amongst the features that are a part of such software, one that offers myriad benefits is the timetable management system.
At the beginning of every academic year, the administrators and teachers have to come up with a timetable for all the classes in the school. Depending on the number of hours the school runs and the students in each class, this is designed. When done manually, the time taken for the process is more. Teachers have to ensure that there are no clashes and none of the classes is empty at any given point in time.
In the current circumstances, it becomes even overwhelming since all the classes are happening online. The hours are fewer when compared to before and teachers have the responsibility to complete the respective syllabi in the time provided. Schools of all sizes are facing this situation and have realized that school scheduling software can help in a great way.
Here are 5 benefits of online timetable management system:
  • Time-saving and paperless - School timetable software saves a lot of time. There is no need to create a timetable for each section of a particular grade/class manually. Everything happens online once the system gets fed with the list of subjects and the classes, Multiple timetables are created which suit the requirements of the respective boards and syllabus.
    Since this is paperless, it is hasslefree and can be accessed anytime without delays. There is no need for any storage space too. These can be created, distributed and followed using the online system.
  • Automated system - As stated earlier, once the data is provided to the timetable management system, it creates suitable timetables by making use of the available resources. This is automated and does not require any human effort. A schedule is sent to the respective teachers so that they can prepare for the online classes beforehand and make sure that there are no surprises.
  • No/minimal errors in scheduling - Since the online timetable management system is automated, there is very little room for error. Clashes and empty classrooms can be avoided - whether physical or virtual. This is a benefit that ensures seamless learning during any part of the day/academic year.
  • Customization options - In case of any changes in the schedule, the timetable can be changed accordingly. There are several customization options which ensure that any changes in the curriculum (like the recent 30% reduction in the 10th and 12th classes of the CBSE board), can be implemented without any issues.
  • Secure - Timetable maker software is secure. Only those users who have the relevant credentials can create/modify the schedules. Cyber risks are aplenty and having a cloud-based school management system is the safest option. Since the data is uploaded onto an online system, it can be accessed at any time,and in a secure manner.

An automatic timetable generator helps schools with an easier and safer alternative to creating schedules. It is the ideal tool for educational institutions of all sizes. All the schools that have multiple board affiliations can make the most of such a system and manage their classes (virtual and manual) in a seamless manner. With a focus on timetable maker software and virtual sessions, they are able to create an environment of continual learning in the difficult times that we are living in.