Everything happens online in current times. From shopping on eCommerce websites to applying for jobs online and even education, an online presence is imperative. Coming to education, it is always important to have positive perceptions of your school in every online portal that you are associated with. With an active and pragmatic social media presence, it is easier to create a brand for your school and ensure that students and parents are engaged at all times. Such practices are meant to encourage dialogues with the relevant community. This is a means to keep a tab on the pulse of the respective parents’ and implement any changes, as deemed necessary.
Here are a few tips that can help you accomplish the aforementioned goals in the best possible manner:
Digital marketing strategy for schools
  • Designing and developing a website that is Search Engine Optimized is key for the online success of any school. As a part of content marketing for schools, including information on events, education models, teachers and co-curricular activities is a given. In addition to this, the content has to be updated regularly in order to keep up the interest of the parents/students and make it interactive.
  • Having a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, and an Instagram account is also ideal. Interesting videos, podcasts and other relevant content can be uploaded for building a brand for the school. Another tip is to encourage negative comments as well. Dealing with them in the right manner without maligning the one who posted them can also work wonders for your online reputation. Instead of a verbal brawl, such comments should be handled in a mature way by answering relevantly and making use of facts and figures.
  • Running ad campaigns to promote the school is also an effective strategy. Using information about the high performance of students, these campaigns can make an excellent digital marketing strategy for schools.
Social media marketing
  • A lot of thought goes into choosing a school for children and parents research on all the options available before making a decision. In such a situation, social media can prove to be quite useful. Use of videos such as teachers imparting education, interactive sessions and even sports, is convincing.
  • Liking a post on Facebook is not enough. It has to be converted into the parents visiting your website and downloading a brochure, admission form, etc. This can be possible with Google Adwords, etc. Re-engaging parents by uploading posts on teaching and learning and using the right content for the same is relevant.
  • Another method is to create a social media group that consists of parents with similar interests. Such information can be gathered by using an easy survey of all those who have visited your website. This will help create a positive perception of your school in the online community.
ERP software in India
  • A school management system in India that offers tailor-made solutions and useful for creating a positive perception online is the need of the hour. Most of the schools in India have implemented online solutions for managing their schools better. Right from the admissions to syllabus management and events, every aspect of a school can be maintained in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • With the help of ERP software in India, teaching and learning have not been put on hold owing to the nationwide lockdown situation. Online classes have ensured that students do not fall behind in their curriculum.
  • Accessibility is yet another benefit. Parents, teachers, students and administrators can access the relevant portals and check the information at any point in time. Since everything is available online in the school management system in India, they are able to make the right decisions and ensure that everyone involved is engaged in the process of education.

The success of every educational institution is based on how quickly it adapts to the changing needs of its students. Teachers play a major role in creating a positive learning environment inside the school. However, in order to get the students enrolled in the relevant courses, a positive online perception is necessary. This can be fulfilled by implementing the ideal tools related to digital marketing for schools.