Managing a school can be a daunting task. With hundreds of students, teachers and administrators, it is very difficult to manage the day-to-day operations without any help. In today’s age where technology provides us with many effective solutions for all our problems, a school management system is ideal for any educational institution. It is a comprehensive online portal that is accessible to students, teachers, parents and admin staff; and is meant to make it easier for everyone to get their respective jobs done.
Whether it is managing homework by students or defining the fee structure by the administrators, a school management software is the need of the hour. There are many features/functions of a school system that are better managed by the ideal ERP solutions.
Here are a few processes that can be enhanced by such a system:
  • Admissions - There are different phases in the student admissions process and these usually happen on a large scale. It is practically impossible to handle all the application forms manually, screen them and take further steps. Online school software is the best option in such times.
    A school management system that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the prospective students makes it an ideal solution. With an online application module, it becomes easier to gather information in a streamlined method and track the progress of the application without much ado.
  • Data management - This is a crucial part of school management. There is a lot of data pertaining to students, teachers and administrators in the system. It can also consist of students who have already passed out and ex-employees. Apart from this, there are management reports, financial strategies and much more important data that cannot be done away with. It is necessary to store such information at all times.
    A cloud-based school management software should be the ideal choice. A paper-free system comes with fewer hassles and is cost-effective as well. There is no need to depend on paper and this is an environment-friendly method of managing data. Another advantage is accessibility. Since all the data is stored on the cloud, anyone with the credentials can access it without any delays. Were it paper-based, it would take a lot of time to identify specific data and then search for the relevant information. Schools can save on space, money, and effort with online school software.
  • Safety - Safety of the students is of primary importance. There have been many untoward incidents involving students in schools and these have left parents sceptical about their wards’ safety. With the help of an online portal, they will be able to track the school bus’s location at any given point of time. Another feature is an RFID tracker in the ID cards. With this, the student’s whereabouts can be tracked by all those who have access to the same.
    With the help of online school software, visitors to the school can also be tracked. The safety of the students is enhanced if visitors are screened and only the genuine ones are allowed inside the premises.
  • Tests and grading - Scheduling tests for students is an ongoing process that teachers and admin staff have to plan. A school software with a web portal makes it easier for them to schedule such tests, grade them and print them as required.
    This system will ensure that there are no misses and everything happens in a seamless manner, as planned. Any type of tests can be managed well with such a solution. Administrators can also make the necessary arrangements on time.
  • Parents portal - Having to depend on monthly or quarterly meetings with class teachers to keep track of their children’s progress is long redundant. Nowadays, parents are able to check this on a real-time basis using cloud-based school management. This can be accomplished over the web or on a mobile device (app).
  • eLearning - Let us take the example of the current crisis - coronavirus. Schools have been closed for quite some time now owing to the pandemic and this is affecting the children’s learning. With the help of an eLearning module, the situation is being dealt with in the right manner.
    Whilst maintaining social distancing, teachers are now able to conduct online classes for the students so that they do not fall back on their lessons. This way, they will be able to complete the syllabus on time and students will have time to learn at their own pace.
  • Communication - Communication between parents/students and the school is something that cannot be underestimated. With the help of messages, emails, etc, schools will have a better communication system. School ERP software is essential for making this possible. An easy to use interface can make it ideal for both the parties and this way, any communication can be relayed without any delays.
  • Events - There are many events that an educational institution organises. From sports meets to annual day celebrations and other occasions, there is a need to record every event well. With the help of school management software, schools are able to manage the participants well, record them and make a list of the winners for future reference.
  • Reports - For the admin staff to make the right decisions with regards to the functioning of a school, management reports play a significant role. With the help of cloud-based school management, they are able to retrieve information and design a structure that best suits their needs.

The demand for software for schools in India has seen a sharp rise in the recent past owing to the fact that it makes school management much easier. A comprehensive and customizable solution is key to the successful functioning of an educational system. Reliable and cost-effective school ERP software is a necessity and can no longer be avoided by small, medium and large schools.